Spoke Information

Spoke Selection:

Our wheels are built with a bladed spoke mated to our brass internal nipple.  We use DT Swiss Aerolite and Sapim CX Ray spokes interchangeably, as they test identically.  Wheels are built with uniform spokes.  The one exception to this is our M90/10 wheel which is built DT Swiss Competition spokes.  Spokes can be purchased through your local dealer.

Tech Note:  To determine which spokes your wheel was built with, look at the spoke head at the hub flange.  DT Swiss spokes are stamped with a "DT" and Sapim spokes are blank.

Spoke Lengths:

If you are building a wheel with one of our stock hubs, here is our spoke chart.  This chart also contains rim ERD's.

If you are building a wheel a hub that is not a stock hub, here is a spoke calculator.

Tech Note: ENVE's posted ERDs are already corrected for internal nipples.

Spoke Tensions for Road Wheels:

  Front Radial Front Disc 2X/3X  Rear Drive 2X/Disc 2X/3X Rear Powertap Drive 2X
Road Wheels

80kgf- ENVE hub

95kgf- All other options

120kgf 120kgf 120kgf


Spoke Tensions for Mountain Wheels:

  Front Disc 2X  Rear Drive 2X 
Mountain Wheels 120kgf 120kgf


Tech Note: Opposite side tensions will vary based on hub selection and necessary tensions to bring the wheel into dish 

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  • Avatar
    eric moss

    Hi, are these recommended tensions or maximum tensions? Since the numbers vary I'm assuming recommended, but want to be sure. Would the recommended tensions be different for 210lb riders vs 130lb riders? What is the recommended tension for front 1X and 2X on rim-brake road rims?

  • Avatar
    Alison Reitter

    Hi Eric,

    The tension listed above are our recommended factory specifications. 120kgf is recommended for our 2X and 3X builds to ensure proper tensions to handle more load (ie- drive-side or disc-side lacing). Our radial lacing patterns do feature a slightly lower tension. If there are additional questions- we do recommend checkout out our wheelbuilding article:


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