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Smart ENVE System Wheels

What tires do you recommend with the Smart ENVE System?

The Smart ENVE System has been tested and proven to perform well with tires between the sizes of 21mm and 35mm. The most aerodynamic configuration found in our wind tunnel testing is 23mm wide tire on a clincher model rim.  In real-world applications with rougher roads, a 25mm tire can provide a larger contact patch and better traction with minimal aerodynamic penalties. 

What is more aero, the Smart ENVE System clincher or tubulars?

Whether you are purchasing an SES clincher or tubular you will be pleased with the performance characteristics of either wheel.  If you prioritize aerodynamics, stability, and easy tire changes then you should purchase clinchers.  If you prioritize light weight and a more lively ride quality then tubulars will suit your preferences best.

Can I set my SES or Classic Wheels Up Tubeless?

If you have a set of SES 2.2's, SES 7.8's, SES 5.6 Discs, or SES 7.8 Disc, yes you can!

The ENVE Classic wheels and SES 3.4's, 3.4 discs, 4.5's, 6.7's and 8.9's are not tubeless compatible because the shape of the rim channel and hook bead are not designed to lock in a tubeless bead.  


Do I need to redish my wheels after converting to 11 speed?

Yes, if you’ve recently converted from 9/10 to 11 speed freehub on either a DT Swiss or Chris King hub you will need to have your wheels redished by a professional wheelbuilder at an ENVE Authorized Retailer.

Are ENVE wheels 11 speed compatible?

If you are purchasing a new set of wheels today, your wheels are 11spd. Compatible. If you purchased your wheels before 2013, and you own a DT Swiss or Chris King R45 SRAM/Shimano hub, then you may convert your ENVE wheelset to 11 speed.  DT Swiss requires the purchase of a new freehub body and Chris King requires the purchase of an axle and free hub body.  These parts may be purchased through your DT, Chris King, or ENVE Authorized Retailers.  If you have Campy hubs, no adjustments or additional spacers are necessary.  Campy freehub bodies will accept 9/10/11 spd. cassettes.  

Can I run a 10 speed SRAM or Shimano drive train on my 11 speed hub?

Yes, you will just need to add a 1.85mm lower cassette spacer.  You can pick this part up from most shops or online retailers.  Just add the spacer, then cassette, and you're ready to ride!

Do you have color options for Chris King Hubs?

We are happy to build your wheels on a colored King hubset.  ENVE stocks black King hubs only.  If you want a color other than black, feel free send the colored hubs to ENVE through your local dealer.

Decals and Accessories

Are ENVE Components available with black or custom logos?

Currently, ENVE components are available with white block ENVE logos only.  If you wish to have your ENVE fork, handlebar, stem, or seatpost logo’d with black or any other color logo you will need to contact a professional painter with experience painting carbon to have this done.

I’ve noticed certain Cannondale bike models are spec’d with black ENVE components. Can I purchase these same parts?

These components are available on certain Cannondale and other OEM model bikes only. ENVE components are available with white block ENVE logos only.  If you wish to have your ENVE fork, handlebar, stem, or seatpost logo’d with black or any other color logo you will need to contact a professional painter with experience painting carbon to have this done.  ENVE has created a list of recommended painters.

How are decals sold on the website?

Decals are sold as single units. In order to re-decal a complete wheelset you will need a total of 12 decals.

Can I order colored decals for my wheels?

We do carry a number of colored decals in-stock which can be special ordered from our website.  Full Custom Decals are also available to special order.  Full custom decals require your desired pantone color code, come in complete sets of twelve (12) decals, and cost $150 USD + shipping/tax.  Lead time for full custom decals is 30 days.

How do I apply a decal?

Peel or gently scrape off all the parts of the old decal and clean with acetone.  Slowly peal the backing off the decal, position the new decal over the rim and begin applying in the center.  Lay the decal down gently so you can reposition if necessary.  Work the air bubbles from the center outward.  You can also check out our installation video.

Do your wheels come with wheelbags?

ENVE wheelbags and ENVE wheel backpacks are available for purchase.


Do your wheels have a rider weight limit?

Because of the molded spoke hole technology in ENVE wheels, we do not have a rider weight limit on any of our wheels. Molding the spoke holes allows us to separate the carbon fibers instead of drilling through them which effectively breaks the fibers and weakens them. This allows us to run a much higher spoke tension as well, which makes for a much stiffer build.

What tools can you use to install our nipples?

There are a few options that can be used to install our internal nipples. There is an ENVE nipple wrench, designed right here in Ogden that can be used on all of our ENVE rims. Park Tool offers the SW-15 Y-wrench, however, this wrench does not have the capabilities of reaching the nipples in the deeper rims such as the 85 Aero  and 95 Aero. Ice Toolz also produces the 12C1, which can be used on all of our rims.

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    What are the best inner tube to use in conjunction with the SES 6.7 and the 55mm valve extenders? Some people say using Presta with a removable core. Hmmmm

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