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What are the benefits of a hookless rim?

The key to a good tubeless system is a tire and rim that works harmoniously to create a seal at the tire bed in the rim.  By eliminate the "hook" from the top of the rim sidewall, we are able to produce rims with more precise dimensions.  This allows the tire to sit more naturally, instead of being pinched in at the bead.  It also results in a tighter seal, allowing riders to run lower tire pressures without the risk of unpredictable air loss or pinch flats. 

What do the numbers (M50, M60, M70, M90) in the models represent?

Each wheel in this line up was designed with specific trail characteristics mind, and features it's own optimized inner rim width, layup, and shape to excel with the specified conditions.  The first number in the sequence represents the amount of the ride spent descending.

   M50/50 M60/40 M70/30 M90/10
Intended Application  Cross-Country  Trail  All-Mountain  Downhill



Do you have color options for Chris King Hubs?

We are happy to build your wheels on a colored King hubset.  ENVE stocks black King hubs only.  If you want a color other than black, feel free send the colored hubs to ENVE through your local dealer.


How are decals sold on the website?

Decals are sold as single units. In order to re-decal a complete wheelset you will need a total of 12 decals.

Can I order colored decals for my wheels?

We do carry a number of colored decals in-stock which can be special ordered from our website.  Full Custom Decals are also available to special order.  Full custom decals require your desired pantone color code, come in complete sets of twelve (12) decals, and cost $150 USD + shipping/tax.  Lead time for full custom decals is 30 days.

How do I apply a decal?

Peel or gently scrape off all the parts of the old decal and clean with acetone.  Slowly peal the backing off the decal, position the new decal over the rim and begin applying in the center.  Lay the decal down gently so you can reposition if necessary.  Work the air bubbles from the center outward.  You can also check out our installation video.

Do your wheels come with wheelbags?

ENVE wheelbags and ENVE wheel backpacks are available for purchase.


Do your wheels have a rider weight limit?

Because of the molded spoke hole technology in ENVE wheels, we do not have a rider weight limit on any of our wheels. Molding the spoke holes allows us to separate the carbon fibers instead of drilling through them which effectively breaks the fibers and weakens them. This allows us to run a much higher spoke tension as well, which makes for a much stiffer build.

 How do I decide between 28 vs. 32 holes for Mountain wheels?

There are many factors to consider when choosing hole count of your rim. If you are a heavier rider or a more aggressive rider, the 32H option will most likely be the fit for you as it will provide increased strength, as well as a better ride quality at a higher rider weight. If you are a light weight rider, and wheel weight is a large concern, then the 28H option will most likely be your fit.

What tools can you use to install our nipples?

There are a few options that can be used to install our internal nipples. There is an ENVE nipple wrench, designed right here in Ogden that can be used on all of our ENVE rims. Park Tool offers the SW-15 Y-wrench.

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    hola. tengo una bicicleta con la horquilla delantera rockshox RS1 y quiero saber si se puede fabricar juego de rines con el hub predictive delantero para esa horquilla.

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