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What road bar plugs do you recommend for your bars?

ENVE uses a proprietary design on our road handlebars that requires a proprietary bar end plug. These are available on our website, or through your local ENVE dealer.

Can you run bar-ends on ENVE Carbon Bars?

ENVE does not recommend the use of bar-ends on any of our Carbon Handlebars.

Can clip on Aero bars be used on the ENVE Road Bar?

Clip On Aero Bars can be used on our ENVE Road bars as long as they are clamped only on the round surface of the bar, next to the stem clamping area, are clamped evenly on both sides of the bar, and are torqued to the proper spec.

 I want to use a carbon railed saddle on my seatpost, what do I need to change?

You will need new seat post hardware for mounting that saddle. The hardware you need can be found here. If you click the drop down for the seat posts there is an option for oversized rail hardware. That is the kit that you will need for the 7×9 rails. The hardware installation process is the same as your current hardware but allows for the clamps to accommodate the larger rails.

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