Leaking Tubeless Set-Ups

Issues Possible Causes Potential Solutions
Tire Not Seating   Tire diameter is too large or too loose Add a second layer of tape; Use an air compressor to seat the tire (Do not exceed max tire pressures); Purchase a new TLR tire
  Tire diameter is too small Add soapy water or bead wax and re-inflate until the tire seats (Do not exceed max tire pressures)
  Folds in tire from packaging Inflate the tire with a tube in it and let it sit in a warm room for 30 minutes to remove the packaging creases from the tire
Tire seats but leaks air    Valve stem is not seated Push down firmly on the valve stem until it sits flush with the rim channel
  Tape is not installed properly Remove the tire, and inspect tape for wrinkles, bubbles, or folds; Ensure that there is proper overlap of the valve hole; Inflate and seat tire without sealant
  Debris and dust on the rim Remove the tire and tape and clean the rim with acetone or rubbing alcohol before reapplying tape and tire
  Tire bead is damaged or worn Start fresh with a new tire

If the issue persists, contact ENVE customer at

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