Quick Release Skewer Installation

ENVE Quick Release Skewer Installation

  • Quick Releases (QR) provide superior wheel retention if they are correctly installed and maintained.
  • When closing the QR, too much leverage may cause damage to the QR, and result in accident, injury or death. The QR lever closing force is adjusted by turning the nut opposite of the QR lever clockwise to tighten, or counter-clockwise to loosen.
  • Adjust the QR lever so moderate force is required to close lever fully.
  • Consult a qualified bicycle mechanic for QR adjustment tips or regarding questions on proper lever force.
  • ENVE Composites suggest adjusting the lever so that, when closed, it is pointing upward in order to avoid contact with passing objects.
  • Regularly check the quick release adjustment. The QR may need periodic lubrication at pivot points so it can exert maximum sideways force without binding.


Installation of the Quick Release

  • ENVE Quick Release skewers should be used with forks that feature secondary retention tabs (lawyer tabs) on the dropouts to prevent accidental wheel loss. ENVE does not recommend the removal these retention tabs.
  • Unthread the adjusting nut from the end of the quick release skewer and remove the tension spring.
  • Insert the quick release skewer through the hub axle from the non-drive side on the rear and non-disk side on the front.
  • Re-install the tension spring with the smaller side facing inward.
  • Thread the adjusting nut a few turns back on to the skewer.
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