ENVE Brake Track Disclaimer

ENVE carbon rims and wheelsets that feature a carbon fiber brake track are subject to wear. Therefore, special precautions should be taken into consideration to ensure optimal braking performance, longevity of the rim, and safety of the rider.  ENVE carbon fiber braking surfaces should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they are flat, free of debris, and wearing evenly.  In order to ensure the maximum lifespan  and performance from the carbon fiber braking surface, use only ENVE brake pads in your bike.  To eliminate premature wear of the brake track, inspect your brake pads regularly and clean any embedded debris from the pads.  When brake pads reach the wear indicator line, replace your brake pads. Additionally, please review ENVE's Carbon Care document.

In order to inspect your brake track for wear:

  1. Visually inspect carbon braking surface and wipe surface clean with a soft cloth
  2. If rim shows notable cupping, grooves, or consistent wear through multiple layers of carbon fiber, call ENVE Customer Service before riding your wheels again
  3. After you’ve ensured that there is nothing on the brake track that could cut you, run your fingers over the brake track
  4. If brake track feels consistent in elevation and texture, go ride. If the brake track has any irregular bumps or wear, call ENVE Customer Service or visit your local ENVE Dealer for further evaluation


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