ENVE and the ETRTO Standard

ENVE products are designed to perform at the highest levels of cycling. As such, safety is our number one priority and we follow the ETRTO guidelines where safety is concerned.


ENVE’s position on the ETRTO standard:

  • ENVE subscribes to the ETRTO guidelines with regards to rim dimensions that affect tire installation, tire removal, tire retention, and a reliable tire seal for tubeless systems.
  • ENVE follows ETRTO guidelines for testing tire and rim combinations. ENVE tire size and tire pressure recommendations are a result of this testing.
  • ENVE is working with ETRTO to evolve the standard to accommodate for hookless rims and large volume tires.
  • The only rims that don’t conform to the ETRTO standard are the M Series M60 Plus and the SES 4.5 AR Disc.


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